Rant Standard Library

The Rant Standard Library contains many useful and some essential functions that are natively implemented in the Rant runtime itself.


Below is a list of broad categories that standard library features fall under:

General functions

Functions which fall under no specific category or are widely useful go here.

Attribute/Control flow functions

Functions for performing conditional branching, setting attributes, and other forms of control flow.

Collection functions

Functions that read from, manipulate, or create new collections.

Generator functions

Functions for generating various types of values, often using randomization.

Formatting functions

Functions for changing the output formatting.

String functions

Functions for working with strings.

Boolean functions

Functions for performing boolean algebra.

Comparison functions

Functions for comparing values to each other.

Math functions

Various arithmetic functions.

Conversion functions

Functions for converting values to other types.

Verification functions

Functions for testing values against various criteria.

Assertion functions

Functions for verifying program state and function output.


Special constant values, such as the language version in use.